The AI artwork featured in this collection was made using the WOMBO Dream app and provides a colourful and unique dimension to the often quirky and thought provoking formulaic and freeform poetry prose.

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Goodreads review:

David John Griffin

5.0 out of 5 stars Truly excellent selection of poems Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 August 2022

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The 49 poems in this collection by Avalina Kreska use certain poetic forms (6 in total). A list of those poetic forms, each with an explanation as to what they are, is also included at the back of the book. It also mention that there are 168 poetic forms for poets – I didn’t know there were so many!

The cover is interesting, and the typography is clear and well laid-out throughout.

The titles of the poems are interesting and intriguing. In the printed version of the book, each poem has an accompanying full-colour illustration. These are surreal and unusual in their own right. The author explains that they were created using an AI program called Wombo Dream. They add so much atmosphere to the poems.

The poems themselves are, in turns, fascinating, strange, deep, philosophical and occasionally tongue-in cheek, each one demanding further readings of them, to uncover even more layers of understanding and emotional resonance.

All of them are so well written, with some marvellous lines. Here are just a few of those Iines from the poems that caught my eye: “Pour me another glass of beautiful forgetting”, “Trailing questions like balloons on strings”, “Seemingly polished like favoured ornaments”, “Winding mesh of ambient shadows”, “Men in a thousand clouds of humility”.

All in all, I love this book with its atmospheres and emotions created by the words. I can thoroughly recommend The Soap Crank And Other Selected Poems.