I had years of fun creating comic strips using Pixton.com software, it’s now sadly defunct in the form that I enjoyed due to the lack of handling flash on web browsers. Still, it was a great outlet for creativity during some tough times; it also gave me experience in how to write comedy!

Access all the comics HERE 

‘One Man and his Watch’ – click HERE

Murray’s Concern’s was originally a little comic strip series about the fictional lives of ‘real’ island people.

I started it during the Covid crisis lock-down and finished the comic strip series in October 2020.

All 27 episodes HERE

Vivian the Crofter – her sheep really love her… click HERE for all episodes

Half Naked and Sustained is a comic strip series based on the TV series ‘Naked and Afraid’

Click HERE to access the comics.

In The News – comic strips based on wacky news articles around the world

Click HERE to view them.

George Szirtes – The Hungarian Poet

George gave me permission to write these comics! Click HERE to access them.

Uncle Zoltan was a character that George created; I simply personified him…