Flash fiction and poetry at Visual Verse

Before I became an author, I cut my writing teeth at various flash fiction writing competitions and contributed regularly to ‘Visual Verse’ (Anthology of Art and Words). 

Every month a piece of art or photography was given as a writing prompt and you had one hour to write a poem or a story (50 to 500 words). Visual Verse published the best entries on their website. 

Many acclaimed writers and poets such as Paul McVeigh (The Good Son), Adam Marek (a fantastical short story writer), and the Hungarian poet – George Szirtes wrote for it.

Visual Verse sadly closed it doors in 2023, after 10 years of publication.

I have my own contributor page archived… HERE

I was asked to be a lead writer for Volume 2, Chapter 6

Snapshot of Index of the lead writers and artists for Visual Verse including Avalina Kreska, Volume 2, Chapter 6

Mine was the chosen piece for the month:

'He Lies In Oak' chosen lead piece for Volume 2, Chaper 6 by Avalina Kreska.

You can also buy my poetry book (The Soap Crank…) where you’ll find many of my published Visual Verse entries.

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