Avalina Kreska

In 2009, me and my husband moved to the Shetland Islands in search of a quiet place to research, write and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

In 2012, I started writing seriously and joined a team of flash fiction writers. In 2014, we published:

‘Flashdogs: An Anthology’ 

I have two stories included:

‘Unfamiliar Country’

‘Aunty Vinny? She’s Gone to the Great Petrol Pump in the Sky’

The Flashdogs went on to publish three more anthologies.

photo by Georgina Cope for Visual Verse (Vol 2 - Chapter 6)

Published Books & Stories

In 2017: The AdderStane

and in March:

Kids Can Learn Guitar -Books One & Two


Visual Verse asked me to write a lead piece for their popular literary website which features many famous and acclaimed writers and poets such as Paul McVeigh, George Szirtes and Adam Marek.

Vol 2 – Chapter 6

‘He Lies in Oak’

I have other stories published online and in magazines:

Visual Verse

Paragraph Planet (14 times)

Every Day Fiction

Flash Fiction Magazine


 Literary Nest

The Caterpillar Magazine (Grandma’s beard – Children’s magazine)

The Shetland Life Magazine (June & November 2017).



My music has taken a back seat of late; the last flurry of activity was in 2010/11, when I received semi-finalist status with three songs in the UK Songwriting Contest.

‘Go Down Deep’ in the Acoustic category 2011.

‘About You’ in the Pop Category in 2010.

‘I Guess You Were Right’ in the Folk/Country Category 2010.

Several commended songs:

‘Only You’ in the Jazz/Blues category in 2011.

‘This is my world’ in the Jazz/Blues category in 2010.

‘Wastin’ Time’ – co-written with Tony White, in the Jazz/Blues category in 2010.

‘Eazy Woman’ in the Jazz/Blues category 2010.


My latest music project was a book trailer for ‘The AdderStane’ – you can find them under the page:

‘AdderStane | Book Trailer/Video’

This was written, played and produced by me.

I hope to return to recording songs in the near future.


What a lovely surprise to find in my email! An AdderStane fan has written a song after my namesake! The Flaky Tarts are a couple of talented fellas who are not only musicians but work in Theatres across the UK (directing and acting). Clever chaps! Thanks to Glen Buglass and Tony Barrett!

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